FFL Transfers:


Just Send Em' Our Way!

No Calls, Forms or Approval - We Will Call You when it Arrives

Our FFL License is available by request at: store@wilsonsecurity.net

Any Questions, Email us : store@wilsonsecurity.net

$25 - Regular

$150 - NFA (Class 3)

Transfer Agreement:
You (Buyer / Transferee) agree that We (Wilson Firearms) will charge you a $25.00 fee for the transfer of a firearm from another source other than our company.  This fee covers the transfer charge and up to 1 month of item storage. Any period past the included month will be charged at a rate of $50.00 per month. This fee must be paid on the monthly anniversary of the item’s arrival. The burden of paying the fee on time solely relies on the buyer.  If the storage fee becomes delinquent, the item will be sold to cover the cost of storage, and all remaining proceeds will be considered payment to us for the transaction selling fees. Denied individuals must arrange to ship back to the original FFL and cover all costs associated with the transaction and/or relinquish the item as payment for the transaction.